• Muscle training

    Muscle training

    Choose dumbbells of the right weight and buy a set if you can. It is good to buy dumbbells of different weights because you can constantly challenge yourself during your workout. The standard weight combination is to buy two 2.5 kg, two 5 kg and two 7.5 kg dumbbells. To test if the dumbbell combi...
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  • Canton Fair we are coming

    Canton Fair we are coming

    Since the establishment of the 109th Canton Fair, the “Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center” (PDC) has actively promoted the mutually beneficial cooperation between “Made in China” and “World Design”, and provided a design service platform for ...
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  • Choice of night fishing lights

    Since it is night fishing, lights are indispensable. The lights of night fishing generally have blue light, purple light, white light, yellow light, these four types of light have their own benefits, each has its own disadvantages. For example: white light, relatively bright, for us fishermen is ...
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  • Dumbbells


    Dumbbells are free weight devices. Using dumbbells is good for building strength, improving endurance, and building muscle. Whether training maximum muscle strength, hypertrophy, explosiveness or muscle endurance, dumbbells are the most basic and comprehensive training equipment. And dumbbells ca...
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  • Benefits of yoga

    Benefits of yoga

    Benefits of yoga 1. Promote blood circulation, enhance endurance and physical flexibility Yoga exercises accelerate the circulation of the heartbeat and oxygen-rich blood, which in turn strengthens our blood circulation. Almost all yoga classes allow you to sweat, practice deep breathing and spee...
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  • Basic outdoor camping tips

    1. Try to set up tents on hard, flat ground, and do not camp on river banks and dry riverbeds. 2. The entrance of the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be far away from the hillside with rolling stones. 3. In order to avoid the tent being flooded when it rains, a drainage ditch should b...
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  • Handball

      Handball is a ball game developed by combining the characteristics of basketball and football and playing with the hand and scoring with the ball into the opponent’s goal. Handball originated in Denmark and became an official sport at the XI Olympic Games in 1936 before being interru...
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  • Kayaking


    Kayaking is one of the water sports that requires a paddler to face the direction of the dinghy, using a paddle with no fixed fulcrum, and using muscle strength to paddle backwards. The sport is a sport that combines competition, entertainment, viewing and adventure and is loved by everyone. Cano...
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  • How to take care of your beloved land surfboard

    How to take care of your beloved land surfboard

      Do not soak the board!This soaking means soaking water for a long time (to put it bluntly, that is, do not put it in a humid environment), a short rain is fine, as long as it dries quickly! Bump the board!he board surface is not afraid of bumping, but afraid of bumping the edge. The bump o...
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  • Basketball Drills | Step-by-Step Shooting Drills

    Basketball Drills | Step-by-Step Shooting Drills

    1. Face-to-face pitching After mastering the straight line accuracy of pitching, you can try to improve the arc of pitching. Experienced netizens know that if the arc is appropriate when shooting, the ball can bounce into the net even ...
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  • Instructions for Maintenance of Sports Equipment

    Instructions for Maintenance of Sports Equipment

    1. Maintenance of leather glue sports equipment This kind of equipment mainly includes basketball, football, tension belt, etc., with large quantity, wide use and high utilization rate. The disadvantages of leather colloid equipment ar...
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  • Taking part in water activities can improve human happiness

    Taking part in water activities can improve human happiness

    Worried about the negative impact of coronavirus pandemic on physical and mental health, a new study commissioned by British Marine Association and canal & River trust, a non-profit organization for river maintenance in the UK, shows that participating in water activ...
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